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At, Tru|Med, a Phoenix dispensary, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality medical marijuana available. We have a wide variety of strains to meet your needs including indicas, sativas, and hybrids. We grow our strains under the best possible conditions then have our end product tested by a third party company.

Are you the type of person that knows Marijuana is Medicine? Are you looking for the utmost in purity, potency, and effectiveness in your medical marijuana? Do you feel you should be able to get your medicine in a comfortable and luxurious environment from only the most qualified, knowledgeable, and friendly patient educators? Well, we do too and that is why we invest in our people, our place, and our product. You, the tru|patient, are the reason we do all that we do and we look forward to seeing you very soon!



Inspired by design trends of boutique bakeries and cupcake shops, the concentrate bar features LED-lit glass displays at counter-level. Silestone countertops in the perfect shade of Tru|Med orange were custom fabricated with waterfall detailing. The feature wall behind the counter plays off of the custom wood feature wall in Tru|Med’s lobby and includes over 1,000 pieces of wood staggered at varying depths. Finished in a gloss white, the wall creates movement, texture, and a contrasting background for the 16” tall custom metal back-lit logo that rests in front of it. A WAC Genesis light fixture– that pays homage to the trichomes that concentrate products are derived from– hangs over the bar, providing the finishing touch to this bespoke retail area.

Our patient education area invites our clients in so they can learn about our variations of medical cannabis in a safe and comfortable environment. It is important to us that all our medical cannabis patients leave feeling empowered and knowledgeable.

No one likes sitting in an overcrowded, stuffy waiting area. At tru|med dispensary, it is important to us that you have a wonderful experience from beginning to end. That is why we decorated with soothing tones and a luxurious staggered wood wall.

At tru|med dispensary, we take your safety seriously and that is why we have security on site every day. Come enjoy your visit with peace of mind.



Flower refers to the leafy forms of cannabis. You may have heard it referred to as buds or nugs before. Once harvested, the flower can be smoked, turned into a concentrate, or used in edibles. We only harvest our flower at the proper time to make sure you get the best medical cannabis available. It comes in indica, sativa, and hybrids.

Indica is short, bushy, and does very well in indoor gardens. It originates farther from the equator and has sedating, relaxing, full body effects great for treating anxiety, pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Gelato-33, pictured right, is an indica dominant hybrid.

Sativa is tall, thin, and does well in both indoor and outdoor gardens. It originates closer to the equator and effects are known to leave users feeling uplifted, creative, and focused. It is commonly used to treat depression, a.d.d., mood disorders, and fatigue. AK-47, pictured left, is a sativa dominant hybrid.

We tend to think of indica strains as being more sedating and relaxing, with full-body effects that “lock” you to the couch (meaning you’re content to sit back, unwind, and enjoy a Netflix marathon of your favorite show). On the other hand, we anticipate with sativas racier cerebral effects that leave us feeling energized and uplifted. Because of this typical contrast, consumers tend to prefer indicas for nighttime use while sativas are typically used from morning to afternoon.

Indica and sativa strains both have medicinal uses, but because of their perceived differences, they are often selected for different symptom management; for example, indicas are generally looked to for insomnia and pain, whereas sativas might be chosen for depression and fatigue. As varying combinations of the two, hybrids are often thought of as a “balance” of effects, offering a little bit of what both have to offer.
But to what extent do these classifications hold true? Ask almost any cannabis connoisseur to compare the indica Bubba Kush to a Sour Diesel sativa, and most will say there is a definite difference in effects.



For over 3,500 years, various strains of cannabis (medical marijuana) have been among the most widely used medicinal plants. Medical uses of cannabis include conjunctive treatments for physical and mental illnesses. Symptoms of numerous illnesses can be controlled, bringing effective relief and significantly improving the quality of life and functionality of the patient. Cannabis is also a stress reducer, expectorant, and topical antibiotic. it can be a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals such as Demerol, Valium, and Morphine. Cannabis has no drug effect. It is a nut-like fruit that contains eight proteins in excellent nutritional balance plus essential fatty acids that bolster the immune system.

Cannabis, when ingested safely, is one of the most useful medicines for a range of conditions:

AIDS/HIV – Cannabis greatly benefits those affected by a compromised immune system. It is a smooth muscle relaxant. lt stops nausea, stimulates the appetite, helps hot flashes, and enables folks to eat and maintain their normal body weights.

Atherosclerosis and Strokes – ingested, Cannabis protects against heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Anorexia – Cannabis dehydrates the mouth, stimulates appetite and enhances flavors and tastes.

Arthritis – Cannabis soothes joints, has an analgesic effect, reduces pain, is an anti-inflammatory, and improves mobility.

Cancer – Cannabis reduces gut-wrenching nausea caused by chemotherapy, while it stimulates the appetite to help patients eat and combat excessive weight loss. lt reduces pain and helps patients sleep and rest. Often it raises the patient’s spirits and mood, improving their will to live and chance to recover. Cannabis also relieves leg cramps, headaches, chronic fatigue, and pain.

Chronic Pain – Cannabis blocks pain pathways in the central nervous system. Severe chronic pain is commonly treated with opiate narcotics – codeine, morphine, and oxycodone. The opiates are addictive and may become less effective as patients develop a tolerance to them. Cannabis relieves pain associated with nerve damage and inflammation. Cannabis may also provide relief for injured tissues, specifically by alleviating inflammation around damaged nerves. Cannabis is distinctly effective for neuritis and neuropathy – pain caused by inflamed or damaged nerves.

Epilepsy and Seizures – Cannabis can calm down overactive nerves, alleviating seizures. Relaxes muscles, reduces muscle cramps, convulsion, and spasms. However, epileptics who are interested in trying cannabis should be careful about oral THC.

Gastrointestinal Disorders – Cannabis stimulates appetite, settles the gastrointestinal tract, calms the stomach and relaxes the colon. Patients report relief from symptoms such as pain, cramping, inflammation, diarrhea, and weight loss.

Glaucoma – Cannabis reduces pressure in the eye caused by ocular fluid buildup by reddening and dehydrating the eye. Regular usage can halt painful progressive vision loss and stop an acute attack.

Hepatitis C – Cannabis improves the effectiveness of Hepatitis C therapy. Patients are usually taking drugs with severe side effects including nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, and depression. Cannabis helped by improving appetite, reducing depression, and helping patients to better tolerate the treatment.

Migraines – Cannabis helps reduce light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, and pain, and can be consumed regularly to prevent attacks from occurring.

Multiple Sclerosis – Cannabinoids help many patients with Multiple Sclerosis to remain tremor and convulsion free with no toxicity, behavioral impairment or tolerance.

Severe and Chronic Pain – Cannabis has a major analgesic (pain lowering) effect. Not all pain responds to cannabinoids. Cannabis has synergistic effects with opiates and other drugs, so pain patients can reduce their dosage of prescription drugs that have adverse side effects.

Now that you know a little bit more about medical cannabis it is time to get your card.

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