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Following a pedicure next door at Ken’s Nails and Spa, I walked into IRun while I let the polish dry. The owner, Mark Cosmas and I struck up a wonderful conversation and he told me his story of how he gave up corporate life after the death of his baby girl due to SIDS. I literally didn’t have any words. I was so touched and decided I would do whatever I could to be supportive and promote his store, which was filled with every kind of running shoe and clothing. I purchased my first pair of shoes not much longer after that initial conversation and continued to do so on a more than regular basis. I followed as he and his wife Katie had a baby boy, Cade, that I instantly fell in love with and stopped by whenever he was there so I could hold him!!! Their story continues but I’ll let him tell you that sometime. He sold the store to Karen Seymour and Lance Muzslay of Sole Sports and they have three locations in Arcadia, Scottsdale and Tempe. Mark is still at the Arcadia store creating specialty insoles as he bought a business from a man who was the guru in Phoenix. So many connections, stories and I think having about 40 pairs of running shoes is a big deal…and, I don’t even run (they make wonderful walking shoes too)!!!

Sole Sports is dedicated to increasing your enjoyment of running and walking. We offer a wide variety of running products and have the expertise to outfit you in the right gear. Whether you’re an elite runner, just getting started, or just need something comfortable to wear for your everyday activities, we’d love to offer our assistance

Our primary skill is helping get you in the proper gear for running, walking, and hiking. For footwear, we employ a dynamic or static video gait analysis system which allows us to closely analyze your footstrike or stance and determine how much support you need in a shoe. For the rest of your body, we carry the highest-quality apparel brands and fabrics to keep you comfortable and looking great during your activity.

Not only are we at your service to help you find the best products for your needs, but we aim to help with all aspects of your running and exercise journey; if you have any questions or think we can help in any way don’t hesitate to reach out.


4730 E. Indian School Rd., #125
Phoenix, AZ 85018

7001 N. Scottsdale Rd., #170
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

1006 E. Warner Rd., #104
Tempe, AZ 85284

We have a true passion for runners and for running.
Experience and knowledge, that is our gimmick. We have a true passion for all things fitness,  especially running, trails and hiking. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned ultra marathoner, we can help you get to where you need to go. Stop by and check us out soon, you, and your feet will be happy you did!

Video Gait Analysis
The video and photo below show how much of a difference can be made by getting fit in the correct shoe. On the left is an example of someone who severely overpronates. Notice how much the ankles rotate inward as the foot transitions from heel to toe. One the right is the same person wearing an Asics Kayano which has a lot of support. Notice how upright the ankles now remain. Getting you fit into the correct shoes is key to helping you avoid potential injuries.

We perform this kind of video gait analysis on all customers and it allows us to properly assess the type of shoe each person needs. It is very enlightening when you get to see what your gait looks like in slow motion along with an explanation of what’s going on and why you need a particular category of shoe. We do not recommend specific brands but instead a specific category. Most shoe brands offer shoes in every category.

There is no cost and no appointment necessary to have a video analysis done. It’s just part of the professional service we offer to all our customers.

Please join us for our free and friendly group runs at both stores. We have pace groups ranging from 7:00/mile to 11:00/mile and everything in between. All runs start and finish at the store.

• Run Stronger
Bring a mat for this one! Every Monday at 5:55PM we clear out the store so you can get a core workout in. The class is about an hour long and we go over specific strength exercises that will help you run stronger! Class starts at 5:55pm.

• Happy Hour 5 Mile Run
This run starts at the shop every Thursday night at 5:30pm. Just like the name says, this run lasts about an hour, and by the end, everyone is happy!

• Sunday 7 am Long Runs
The Sunday morning long run is a part of almost every runner’s weekly routine. Why not make the miles fly by faster with some great company?!? We would love to run with you! We start at 7am from the shop.

• Wednesday Morning Running Club
Established in 2004, the Wednesday Morning Running Club meets every Wednesday morning at 5:15 AM for an hour long trail run within the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. We meet at the top of the Squaw Peak Drive parking lot just past the base of Piestewa Peak. Our goal is to promote and encourage trail running for all abilities from the beginner to the ultra marathon runner.

• Tuesday Track Workouts
We have track workouts every Tuesday. They start at 6pm and take place at Camelback High School. Workouts vary depending on the time of the year.

• Tuesday & Thursday: 6:30PM
• Saturday: 6:00AM in summer months & 7:00am in winter months
• 2nd Tuesday of the month we lead a run from the Shake Shack at Scottsdale Fashion Square starting at 7PM. The run is free to attend and the first drink back at the Shack is complimentary.

• Monday & Thursday: 6:30PM
• Saturday: 6:00AM in summer months & 7:00AM in winter months