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I had the opportunity to introduce myself to Sarah after knowing her husband, Chris Wragge, a wonderful news anchor in New York. I always followed him beginning when he was the anchor of CBS This Morning. I was taken with his caring style of news presentation. When I was thinking of people that would make a difference for The Door Openers, I immediately thought of Sarah with her online forum of help for people getting healthy and in shape. I love their family and spirit including their son, Christian. And, Sarah just had a beautiful a new baby girl, Wynn Katherine (Wynnie)!!!

While other girls were sunbathing, or barbecuing at our apartment complex, I spent my afternoons in gastroenterologists’ offices, one after another. By the time I was 18 I’d had a colonoscopy and two upper endoscopies, which showed nothing wrong. I was prescribed every antacid under the sun. The doctors experimented with different doses and brands, but nothing worked.

In college, my hands and knuckles became constantly sore and inflamed. At first I wrote it off as a sports injury from years of playing field hockey and jammed fingers during basketball games, but finally my mom took me to one of the top orthopedists in Washington, D.C., who said that I most likely had rheumatoid arthritis. He suggested methotrexate, which I later learned is an immunosuppressant and chemotherapy drug used to treat certain types of cancers. It’s also prescribed for severe RA when other treatments haven’t worked.

The doctor wasn’t even sure if what I had was actually rheumatoid arthritis, yet he was quick to prescribe a powerful medication with serious side effects. I remember sitting in that room as the doctor read one of them: skin turning a grayish tone after exposure to direct sunlight. Could anything possibly sound worse to a girl in college? I opted not to take the medication.

In my 20s the health issues continued. My newly launched career in sales, fueled by late-night client dinners of steaks and martinis and not enough sleep, definitely didn’t help. One day, on a lark, I decided to do a juice cleanse with a colleague from work, and I started to notice how food affected me. Looking at my plate I could predict the consequences: Pizza caused a night of agony and fire; a turkey sandwich turned into instant bloating; that steak dinner meant the pipes were clogged for days.

About six years ago I hit a wall. Fed up with feeling so lousy, I went to an acupuncturist who, after taking one look at my eyes and my tongue, said that I had “text-book” candida, which is an over-production of yeast. And it was causing inflammation throughout my body, including in my digestive tract, persistent ear infections, and even swollen joints.

Even though I’d noticed how I reacted to certain foods, I’d never made the connection between dietary choices and illness (and now, wellness). Nutrition wasn’t even a thought, or a question.

The acupuncturist introduced me to a holistic health coach who changed my life. She put me on a candida protocol cleanse for 60 days. I cut out sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and gluten. My diet became mostly plant-based, and I learned about food combining. I invested in a Vitamix and I started making smoothies. I started incorporating infrared sauna sessions.

Within two weeks I tossed the Prevacid. I started sleeping soundly through the night and — the coolest thing — my hair started growing like crazy.  My body became lean and longer looking because there was no inflammation simmering under my skin. I had boundless energy – so much so that sometimes I couldn’t fall asleep at night.  It felt like a new me — and it was truly incredible. The eye-opener was that giving up many of the things I’d been eating most of my life and replacing them with whole, unprocessed foods, didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on anything. I felt nourished in a whole new way.

Inspired by how good I felt, I was determined to continue leading a healthier lifestyle while connecting with clients and building professional relationships. So I traded in martini and steak dinners for Sweat-working, a company I created to host fitness- and wellness-themed networking events.  Right away I could see the positive effect on colleagues and their business relationships as people began connecting in a truly “feel good” environment, making more genuine connections during and after the shared experience of challenging themselves to complete the class.

Feeling genuinely transformed in all aspects of my life, I decided to get my degree from the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and in my holistic wellness practice I teach women and men about the powerful connection between nutrition and wellbeing – mind, body and soul. My programs are designed just like a personal training program – starting with a clean approach to your diet, and tailored to your very individual needs and goals.

The Sarah Wragge Brand was born…
out of my own experiences on the road to becoming healthy and happy, and my unconditional love for my son. As a new Mamma, I understand the importance of nutrition and wellness now more than ever. I know that good fuel and regular health practices help me sustain energy throughout the long days.

The SW programs are high-touch and impactful, and throughout our work together I’ll share my secrets with you to help you be your best self. You’ll achieve a new sense of wellbeing that unfolds beyond just yourself, making you better in all aspects of life: in your relationships, in the work you do, and the choices you make.



The Cleanse
This 4-week cleanse program is for those who are looking to refresh, reset, and jump-start a new healthy lifestyle.
Together we will evaluate your current nutritional lifestyle practices, and prepare your body for a detox. We then move into THE Cleanse program for your choice of 3, 5, or 7 days. Upon completing it, we’ll work together to integrate back into “real life.” The goal is to shift your mindset around food so that you can make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

1. Daily nutritional meal plans
2. Clean & simple recipes
3. Prepared foods + juices for THE Cleanse delivered right to your door
4. Weekly one-hour sessions with unlimited support in between via email

The Lifestyle
This 12-week program is a great fit if you’re exploring the whole foods lifestyle for the first time and are truly committed to making a healthy change. Twelve weeks is that magic time frame to shift your current practices and experience a real transformation.
Throughout this program we will evaluate your relationship to food & fitness, and I will guide you towards a regimen designed specifically to your needs. My practice is flexible and forward thinking as I incorporate the latest in wellness with tried-and-true clean eating + fitness principles.

1. Daily nutritional meal plans
2. Clean & simple recipes
3. Fitness regimen
4. Prepared foods + juices for the cleanse delivered right to your door (should you choose to do a cleanse)
5. A grocery run, where we will walk the aisles together and I will offer some basic education on products and ingredients and give you information to help you make more informed choices
6. Weekly 45-minute sessions with unlimited support in between via email

The Hot Mama
This program is designed for any woman who is preparing to be pregnant, already pregnant or post partum. I provide you knowledge and support on your incredible journey through motherhood.

For moms-to-be and new mothers my approach will be 360 comprehensive. Together we look at the mind-body connection through meditation, fitness, and nutrition. Through a program tailored specifically to your needs, I will give you the tools to meet your goals: whether it’s to have more balance, get back your pre-baby body, or prepare wholesome, nutritious meals for your family.

1. Daily nutritional meal plans
2. Clean & simple recipes (including lactation recipes)
3. Fitness regimen
4. Food prep for easy kids’ meals
5. One-hour weekly sessions with unlimited support in between via email

The Bridal Body
This program is designed to push and support you to be the best version of yourself on your special day.
From the moment you walk down the aisle until the last hours of the celebration, all eyes are on YOU. Whether you have a month or a year to prepare, I’ll build a customized program equally around nutrition and fitness that will have you feeling and looking centered, present, and picture perfect.

1. Daily nutritional meal plans
2. Clean & simple recipes
3. Fitness regimen
4. One-hour weekly sessions with unlimited support in between via email.

The Grocery Run
During this one-time session we’ll walk the grocery store aisles together, and I will offer some basic education on products and ingredients (if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it!) and give you information to help you make more informed choices.

The Kitchen Clean-out
During this one-time session we will go through your fridge and pantry and do a purge of anything that isn’t serving you anymore! I will educate you on healthier alternatives for your favorite products.


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