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Premiere Wood Floors

The mission of Premiere Wood Floors is to provide our clients with the highest valued wood flooring the industry has to offer combined with quality craftsmanship. We research products and suppliers from around the world. We are very selective where we buy our woods. It is our goal to ensure quality and value to our clients.
We work closely with many well known Interior Designers, Architects and Builders in order to provide unique colors, grains, and textures that make every project unique. We listen to our client’s needs and desires so we can assist in the design and create the right look to enhance their home. Whether it is Old World, Tuscan, Traditional, or Contemporary, we understand the impact the floor can create and strive to make every home the best it can be.
Quality workmanship is our primary focus. We do not subcontract our work. We encourage our craftsmen to continue their education and experience, ensuring they are the best at what they do. We are focused on customer service and satisfaction. Our staff is very loyal, with the majority working with us for over ten years.
Why Choose Premiere Wood Floors?
The experienced staff at Premiere Wood Floors has a passion for providing flooring products that truly enhance a home’s architecture and give pride of ownership. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are our primary objectives. That’s why we only represent manufacturers offering top-of-the-line, high-quality products.
We are committed to helping you complete your project as you envision it by offering hundreds of flooring options at competitive prices. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager, builder, or contractor, we can supply your custom flooring needs. We have flooring available in the latest styles from wood plank, parquet, patterns, prefinished, engineered and even reclaimed wood.
We have wood flooring options available for new construction or replacement. And we are proud to offer the highest quality design and installation services for projects throughout the Phoenix area and Arizona. Our sales and design team are here to guide you with your flooring selections. They offer professional advice to help you make the right choice in both product and design.
Solid Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood remains one of the most popular choices for flooring when designing an aesthetically pleasing space. Solid hardwood flooring adds both value and a rich look to your home’s interior. And of all flooring options, including tile and stone, hardwood flooring has the lightest upkeep requirements. The allure of your floors will only improve as the wood ages. And hardwood flooring holds its value. It has beauty and value that lasts a lifetime!
Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered hardwood flooring is less expensive than traditional solid wood floors but it is still genuine wood flooring. When you select a quality engineered hardwood product and invest in professional installation, you can’t tell the difference by looking or even touching. Engineered hardwood consists of a layer finished wood bonded to additional wood sub-layers. Installation time is decreased and it is ready to use faster. Most engineered wood can also be sanded if scratches and dings develop.
Prefinished Wood Floors
Today’s prefinished hardwood floors are more durable and easier to maintain than ever before. Plus, the number of finishes and styles offered by flooring manufacturers has also grown dramatically, including many different types of exotic hardwood species from all around the World. In recent years, manufacturers of prefinished hardwood floors have greatly improved their production methods and now offer high levels of product quality.
Custom Wood Floors
Nothing makes a more dramatic impression with people visiting your home or business than custom wood floors. From concept to completion, we offer expert design and installation services to create gorgeous floors, walls, and stairs tailor-made specifically for you. A huge variety of wood products are available to help create a design that’s uniquely yours. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.
Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Make a statement with authentic, one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood flooring. Whether you’re installing a floor in your home or business, reclaimed wood will create a unique, enduring space that’s truly memorable. We provide reclaimed wood floor products in a variety of color, textures, and sizes. Of course, our expert design and installation services are available to help make your dream a reality.
Wood Floor Refinishing
When your hardwood floor starts to develop scratches or dings or looks weathered, you might consider refinishing your flooring. Sanding and refinishing hardwood can remove scratches or dings and restore the beauty and quality of your flooring. Or, if you’re tired of your flooring color and want a change, floors can be refinished with a new wood stain. Refinishing your wood floor can be a great, cost-effective alternative to completely replacing the floor. So before replacing your hardwood floor, call us for a consultation and see if refinishing is an option for your floor.
Wood Flooring Maintenance
If your hardwood, engineered, or laminate floor has developed wax or dirt build-up, scratches from foot traffic and furniture, stains, or other minor damage over the years, you may not need to refinish them, a professional hardwood floor cleaning might be all you need to restore them to their original luster. Our hardwood cleaning process begins with a thorough vacuuming. If your floor has more serious damage, such as gaps, spongy feeling, cupping, buckling or warped boards, it may be possible to repair the floor to its original beauty and safe condition.
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