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In 2009, I hit my rock bottom and realized that the only way I was going to make myself a better wife, mother and woman was to pick myself up and do the work to get where I wanted to be. It was that defining moment that something shifted deep inside of me and I realized that not only would my body improve ten-fold with proper fitness and exercise, but more importantly my LIFE would improve. Shortly after my life-changing wake-up call, the unthinkable happened and my husband of nine years was killed in a small plane crash. Despite the tragedy that was unfolding in my personal life, I dug deep and realized that at this moment in time, I needed fitness more than ever. It was this intense inner fire and voice that told me I could not quit on my fitness.

In the following year, I tapped into that fire and used exercise to help pain and grief wash over me. What I learned is that exercise saved again and again, day after day. I began to realize that I had stumbled on something that was not only monumental and life-saving for me personally, but it was something that needed to be shared with every stressed out and grieving person on our planet. With each new workout, I found resolve, strength, inner peace, and even normality at a time I so desperately needed all of those things.

As the months and years wore on, I realized that this gift I had been given needed to be shared and repositioned, not as a means to a better body but using fitness as a means to a better LIFE. From that place of real understanding, I found my passion for starting my training company, My1FitLife. Today I have the honor of training thousands of people worldwide to not only get healthier and happier but to use fitness as a way to work through their grief, their stress, their anxiety, and their pain.

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard is an author for HarperCollins, speaker, fitness coach, mother and remarried widow. After losing her husband Mitch in 2009, she turned to exercise as an outlet for grief and a way to handle stress.

Michelle found it so powerful that she eventually quit her corporate VP job to become a fitness coach.
Since then Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, contributed to articles for Prevention Magazine, The Huffington Post, and countless other media outlets

In addition to her virtual training business, Michelle recently launched her own nonprofit, Live the List focused on helping widows and widowers complete bucket list dreams to honor their late spouse while moving boldly into their future. Michelle’s overarching goal is to help people live a full, fit and intentional life beyond life’s hardest moments.

Since her loss in 2009, Michelle has dedicated her life to helping people live their best life after loss. From fitness to nutrition, daily habits for peace and well-being as well as helping others choose to live on purpose, Michelle believes that while we are here, we should be intentional each day and live our best lives.

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My new book, Healthy Healing, which stems from my own personal experience of loss, provides a unique plan that uses the power of exercise to help anyone work through grief.


About a year ago, I told my team I wanted to walk away from our wildly successful six-week challenges and instead build the best virtual wellness platform on the planet. What we spent a year developing and planning is our new Quest Wellness Program.

I wanted a one-stop-shop for all the things people need to create the healthiest and strongest lifestyle in all facets. Quest has everything from fitness to nutrition to mindset and so much more. Our program has a coach and a plan for every wellness need – I am so proud of this program and can’t wait to work with you!



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Six years ago, Michelle and her husband, Keith, joined together and started what has become much more than just a fitness company; they have created a tribe, a community and a feeling that inspires you long after you leave their retreats. Michelle and Keith take fitness up a notch and remind you that living fit is not about making your body smaller, but instead, fitness is about making your life BIGGER!!! When you come for a retreat with My1FitLife you will accomplish big things; you will learn to be brave, to explore, to stretch your boundaries and to live your life to the fullest.

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