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Comprehensive Breast Center of Arizona

Welcome to the Comprehensive Breast Center of Arizona, the largest breast only surgical practice in the State of Arizona. Our providers include fellowship trained breast surgeons, providers who enjoy local and national prominence for their modern surgical skills and knowledge, who are innovators in the community for their use of brachytherapy techniques and are recognized in the academic world for their contributions to research and professional education.

 The approach we take to breast surgery is as unique as you are.

That’s why the surgeons at the Comprehensive Breast Center of Arizona weigh all the options before assisting you with your treatment plan.


Our practice uses the most advanced tissue-sparing surgical approaches, which allow us to maximize aesthetic concerns. The Comprehensive Breast Center of Arizona was among the first to offer local women nipple-sparing mastectomies and oncoplastic techniques. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be guided and supported through every step of your journey.

• Diagnostic/Minimally Invasive Services

– NEEDLE BIOPSIES generally preferred over operative biopsies, these are done with local anesthesia and take a small amount of tissue while using image guidance, to make a diagnosis of benign or malignant breast disease. They may be done in one of our offices with ultrasound guidance, or for certain imaging abnormalities, at a hospital using mammography (stereotactic needle biopsy).

– EXCISIONAL BIOPSY done in the operating room when a needle biopsy cannot be obtained or is inconclusive, this surgical procedure removes a palpable or imaging abnormality for diagnosis.

– LUMPECTOMY removes just the tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue. Radiation therapy is usually recommended following lumpectomy done for cancer to reduce recurrence rates.

– DUCT EXCISION often performed for abnormal nipple discharge or a small growth inside a milk duct, this outpatient procedure removes the last portion of a few or all of the ducts.

– ONCOPLASTIC SURGERY an innovative approach to the treatment of breast cancer, it encompasses plastic surgical techniques in order to reshape the remaining breast or reconstruct the breast after excision of a malignancy. It may also include correcting any imbalance relative to the unaffected breast.

– WIRE OR NEEDLE/RADIOACTIVE SEED LOCALIZATION a procedure done to localize or target the abnormal area in the breast when it cannot be felt on examination; it may be performed by your surgeon or a radiologist prior to your surgery, although it can be, at times, performed intraoperatively.

Axillary Surgery

– SENTINEL LYMPH NODE BIOPSY using special dyes, this procedure samples the first few lymph nodes in the underarm which drain the breast in order to determine spread of disease and stage.

– AXILLARY NODE DISSECTION removal of more lymph nodes than in the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, this procedure may be done when the cancer is already known to have spread to the lymph nodes.


– Mastectomy involves the surgical removal of the entire breast. The types of mastectomies include:

- Simple/Total the breast is removed but the lymph nodes under the arm and muscle tissue beneath the breast are NOT routinely removed; it may be combined with lymph node sampling, such as a sentinel lymph node biopsy.

– Skin-sparing for women opting for immediate breast reconstruction, much of the skin is left intact allowing for a more natural looking reconstructed breast. This procedure is performed in coordination with a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

– Nipple-sparing when possible, based on physiological factors of the tumor and aesthetic concerns, this technique preserves the nipple and areola and is combined with immediate reconstruction.

- Modified radical the entire breast and some of the underarm lymph nodes are removed.

– Radical mastectomy rarely performed any more, in this procedure the surgeon removes the entire breast, all of the underarm lymph nodes and chest wall muscles under the breast.

– Prophylactic Mastectomy usually performed on the unaffected breast for risk reduction when a woman is undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer; it may also be done for women at high risk of getting breast cancer.


– Second opinions
– Mammogram or other imaging abnormalities
– Evaluation of breast pain, nipple discharge, gynecomastia, ectopic breast tissue
– Brachytherapy catheter placement (Mammosite, Contura, Savi)
– Analysis of patients at increased risk for breast cancer
– In-office needle biopsies (both fine and core needle)
– Community educational lectures



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