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When looking for a company to do business with for propane in our gas fireplace, I called around and found Propane Services, LLC. Their work ethic and attitude was exactly the way I like to do business. In addition, there was a leak in the tank that another company had installed, and we were worried. Since this is a family-owned company, Doug called me immediately and was at my house in a half hour!!! He arranged for removal of the old tanks and installing new ones as well as another piece of equipment that should have been used the last time. I love it when an expert in their field does an evaluation and gets the right things and we can feel safe. They were so excited to be a part of The Door Openers…and I’m thrilled to be able to promote such a fine company that really cares about their customers.

Phoenix’s Trusted Propane Company Since 1984
Established in 1984 as The Propane People, we have decided this year to undergo a name change, and make sure all of our existing and new customers see firsthand our commitment to the best customer service in the industry. Now, Propane Services will carry this family owned company forward with our total commitment to customer service in all that we do. Do you need a new propane tank, or service for your existing propane tank? Call us today, and let one of our propane gas experts take care of your needs.

We serve over 9,600 residential and commercial customers, including working with hundreds of the finest custom home builders, pool and spa builders, landscape companies, and government agencies.

Fully Licensed With Great Customer Service
We are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and our propane gas line plumbers are the most experienced in the business. Our only business is propane gas, and we are here to offer our expertise and highest level of customer service you should expect when working with a propane gas partner.

Arizona Contractor’s License: ROC 297437 CR37

If your needs are home heating, pool or spa heating, space heating, water heating, cooking or drying, call us today, and experience what over 9600 customers have come to experience and expect; the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented company in the propane gas industry.

Propane Services provides delivery for thousands of residential and commercial customers throughout the Phoenix area.

The reason our customers depend on us as their propane provider is that we provide safe, reliable, efficient, and affordable services with knowledgeable drivers.

When selecting a propane delivery company, it is important that you make an educated decision. You should never let price be the only deciding factor. Considerations like service record, safety record, and the type of customer service provided need to be a major part of that decision. Propane Services has been serving residential and commercial propane clients throughout the greater Phoenix and surrounding area since 1984. Our focus is on providing you with timely and professional delivery of your propane.

We deliver propane when you need it! 2 day delivery and refill (or “keep-full”) service is available. A tank monitor is another great way to make sure you don’t run out of propane! Click here for more info on tank monitors.

Call us at 623-643-0190. One of the representatives from Propane Services will help you schedule your delivery.

We often get calls from customers about how to tell how much propane they have in their tanks. Most propane tanks, both above and below ground (or “in-ground”) have gauges on them to let you know how much propane you have available.

Tank Gauges
One factor that propane users need to be aware of is that when you get a delivery of propane, the gauge will not read 100%. Propane tanks are not filled completely full of liquid. A vapor space is needed for expansion of the liquid. A full tank reads about 80%.

Propane is one of the safest forms of energy that you can use in your Phoenix area home or business.

OTHER SERVICESesides our high-quality propane delivery, we offer other propane services that are beneficial to your home or business. Those services include:
• Propane Tank Installation
• Propane Gas Line Installation

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