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Michael S. Seaver

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Connected by Neill Fox, I was introduced to Michael Seaver and instantly felt a connection. He is a life coach and has one of those brilliant minds that can take a situation, explore what needs to be fixed, added to or changed, and then creatively the answers are in view. Perfect!!!

| help you become the leader you wish you had, the mentor you needed when you were younger, the coach that supported you in achieving your goals. I help you see your thought and behavior patterns, find clarity in your life’s mission, and take meaningful action aligned with your core values. I help you motivate others, transform your business, and create authentic, values-based organizations.



Authenticity. Growth, Spirituality.
My mission is to unlock human potential. I was raised in a small, conservative West Michigan town in the ‘80s and ‘90s. My grandfather started our family’s lawn maintenance business in 1953 and I devoted 12 years to helping my father and grandfather live comfortably.

Yet, I felt suppressed. I couldn’t explain how, I just felt it.

Something inside me knew I couldn’t fulfill my mission there, so at age 23, I moved to Arizona to begin anew. After a few years in the hospitality industry, I attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management and completed my MBA. Thunderbird brought my life’s mission to light.

I learned that I valued authenticity, growth, spirituality, wellness, and power, and how important each was to me. I then worked at one of America’s largest nonprofit healthcare systems only to feel the same way I felt in Michigan. Soon, I left that role, started my coaching practice in 2011, and have continued to grow the ways I serve others. Through life’s uncertainties, I’ve learned just how powerful human intuition is.

Key Accomplishments
• Emcee of Financial Executive International’s annual 3-day Leadership Summit
• Forbes Coaches Council, member
• Certified to deliver TTISI assessments (e.g. DISC, 12 Driving Forces, EQ)
• Valley Leadership, Class 38
• Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 under 40, Class of 2016
• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona, former board member
• Arizona Republic, 35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger, 2013
• Thunderbird School of Global Management MBA, 2010
• 200+ blogs, contributor to Forbes


Executive Coaching
The Purpose Driven Leadership Experience aligns your behavioral profile, top motivators, core values, and life’s purpose into a one-of-a-kind leadership brand.

Team Training
The Purpose Driven Leadership Approach includes group programs, weekend retreats, workshops, and team trainings that create a coaching mindset organization wide.

Eye-opening research, emotional storytelling, humor, and audience participation come together to deliver memorable messages with clear takeaways.

Online Courses
Personality assessments, downloadable resources, step-by-step processes, and real-world examples meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to go.


Authenticity is the Way
My short 28-page book will help you learn 5 habits – reflect, pursue self-awareness, generate value, learn, and uphold boundaries – for creating your most authentic life.

Incorporate You
Inside the Incorporate You™ manual is a step-by-step process for taking the DISC assessment, incorporating the knowledge learned throughout the career transition process, and sharing career development best practices.

Fearing Mediocrity
In this eBook, you will read stories about transferable skills and values required for the 21st century emerging professional. You will be given step-by-step processes to learn how eight practical skills will allow you to unlock your potential and truly develop personal and professional well being.