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Doctor Housecalls of PV

Better Doctors. Better Care
Only Board Certified Emergency Physicians evaluate and treat your urgent care problem. Our team of highly qualified doctors brings decades of experience right to your doorstep – with each physician having over 35 years of experience. The team at Doctor Housecalls of Paradise Valley takes the time needed for our patients to fully understand their problems and their care options.

Our Patients Always Come First – Safe, Efficient, Care For You
We built the 1st Free-Standing Emergicenter in the Caribbean over 35 years ago and started the 1st Mobile Urgent Care Service in Phoenix. Our experienced and patient Emergency Physicians are what sets us apart from other providers. It’s our passion. Let us help you.

• EYE CARE – (Pink Eye), Foreign Body Removal, Abrasions, Etc.
• NOSE AND THROAT- Nose and Throat Infections, Bleeds, and Foreign Bodies.
• RESPIRATORY – Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Emphysema, Congestion, Cough, and more.
• URINARY TRACT ISSUES – Pain, Infections, Bleedings, etc.
• SKIN & SOFT TISSUES PROBLEMS – Lacerations, Wounds, Contusions, Infections, Suture Removal, Splinters/Foreign Bodies, Cactus Injury, etc.
• PAIN- Acute Pain, Migraines, etc
• IMMUNE SYSTEM – Fever, Sore Throat, Headache, Allergic Reactions etc.
• HIGHLY EQUIPPED – Oxygen; Pulse Oximeter; Automatic Blood Pressure/Averaging Unit; Automatic External Defibrillator/Heart Monitor (AED); I.V. Fluids; Suturing (Sewing Up Cuts) Supplies And Dressings; Splinting Supplies and Crutches; and Many Medications.
• EAR PROBLEMS – Earaches, Middle Ear Infections, Swimmers Ear, Wick Placement, Cerumen Removal, Etc.
• DENTAL & MOUTH – Tooth Infections, Ulcers, Dental Pain, Sore Throat, Gingivitis, Etc.
• GASTROINTESTINAL – Diarrhea, Stomach Flu, Vomiting, Food Poisoning, Rectal Pain, Hemorrhoids, Pilonidal Cysts, Etc.
• ORTHOPEDIC INJURY – Sprains, Minor fractures. Splinting, Crutches, & X-ray/UltraSound Available
• PEDIATRIC – We carry medications in pediatric doses, & pediatric urgent care equipment.
• I.V FLUIDS – Hydration therapy, hangover cure, and more.
• MEDICATIONS – (For administering OR Dispensing) – Oral, inhalation, s.c. intramuscular, i.v., and immunizations, etc.
Rapid Strep, Influenza A/B, Urine Analysis, Urine Pregnancy, Blood Sugar, Occult Stool Blood, Pulse Oximetry, Blood Pressure Averaging, Heart Rhythm Analysis and more.

• Doctors Only– Your medical team will consist of ONLY Board Certified Emergency Physicians (each with over 35+ years of experience), unlike other services where you are treated by nurses and EMTs who often lack the experience and skill.
• All Ages – From pediatric to adult or geriatric, we have you covered.
• Fast Urgent Care – We understand the need for URGENT care applies to not only the patient but the doctor as well. Most patients are seen within 1 hour from the request for service. So say bye-bye to the long line in the waiting room.
• All Sizes – We can treat anything urgent care can and more. Our Doctors are experts in their fields bringing decades of experience right to your doorstep. Your health is our priority.
• Always There For You – We are the longest established Mobile Urgent Care Service in Arizona. We’ve been caring for thousands of happy patients for almost a decade. Let us help you.
• Dispensing License – Each physician has a dispensing license and carries many common medications in our mobile care unit. We are able to leave you with medication so you can rest and focus on getting better in the comfort of your home.

We’ve been serving The Valley for over 10 years as the original Mobile Urgent Care Provider.

You are seen by award-winning doctors only! Other mobile urgent cares can only offer nurses or EMTS. Our doctors have 35+ years of experience each, so rest assured that you will get proper treatment.

Dr. Steven J. Lipsky
Steven J. Lipsky MD, FACEP has been a Board Certified Emergency Physician in Arizona for the last 41 years, and a resident of the Town of Paradise Valley for the last 40 years. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from New York University School of Medicine and did post-graduate training in Family Practice at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix before going into the full-time practice of Emergency Medicine in 1975.
Dr. Lipsky has worked in every type of Emergency Department in Arizona – from inner city and rural, small volume and large, public and private hospitals, teaching and nonteaching hospitals. He has taught at the Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine – Division of Clinical Education, as well as in Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona. He has received the highest number of patient satisfaction letters in his group at multiple facilities and has been recognized at Paradise Valley Hospital for his outstanding performance.

A past President of the Arizona College of Emergency Physicians (representing over 800 Emergency Physicians in our state) along with many other positions in the organization, Dr. Lipsky was also one of six Councillors representing Arizona to the National Council of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. Lipsky built, owned, and was the Medical Director for the first 24hr free standing Emergicenter and Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service in Jamaica. In conjunction with USAID, Cornell Medical Center’s School of Public Health, the Ministry of Health and Environmental Control of Jamaica, and the U.S. Peace Corps, he participated in a successful program to stem infant mortality in rural areas.

Fluent in Spanish, Patois, and in conversational French and Hebrew, Dr. Lipsky now offers young and old a caring, personable, worldly, extremely experienced, competent physician for any urgent medical, wound, and orthopedic needs in the comfort of your home, hotel, or workplace!

Dr. Joseph Flanagan
Dr. Joseph Flanagan has been a Board Certified Emergency Physician for the last 25 years. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and completed his Residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Flanagan has been an avid scuba diver for over 20 years which led to an interest in Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Flanagan served as Vice President of Arizona Emergency Specialists and Arizona Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. In these roles, he has served on many committees including Physician Quality Assurance of the Emergency Dept, Physician Credentials, and Physician Leadership. He has also served for two terms as a board member on the board of directors of the Arizona chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians.


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