Direct2MD is one of the best!


Direct2MD offers telemedicine services that connect patients with a board-certified physician using an anytime, anywhere 24/7 smartphone or computer interface.

Patients and their families can talk directly with a doctor and receive prescriptions, bypassing the usual wait times, germ-filled environments and lengthy insurance forms associated with visits to regular doctors’ offices or urgent care facilities.

Companies use Direct2MD as a healthcare benefit for employees, and individuals use Direct2MD as an alternative healthcare option for themselves and their families. Because the vast majority of illnesses can be treated with a short eVisit, Direct2MD is a convenient, cost-effective healthcare solution:

• 24/7 CARE – Direct2MD doctors are available around the clock for virtual consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

• CONVENIENCE: NO LONG WAITS – Connect with our health care providers online, via your mobile device or by phone. Average wait time for a Direct2MD is 6 minutes.

• PEACE OF MIND – HIPAA-compliant, encrypted and secure technology for your sensitive medical information.

• THERE’S NO RUSH – Take your time, because there is no time limit to your visit.

• PRESCRIPTIONS – If prescriptions are required, we’ll send them right to your pharmacy.

• IMMEDIATE ACCESS – Find and access a board-certified physician when you need one.

• Cough, Cold, & Allergies
• Flu, Vomiting & Diarrhea
• Arthritis, Muscle & Joint Pain
• Asthma & Bronchitis
• Sore Throat & Laryngitis
• Insect Bites
• Conjunctivitis (“Pink eye”)
• Rashes & Skin Inflammations
• Sprains & Strains
• Pharyngitis
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Moles & Warts
• Tonsillitis
• Insomnia
• Acne & More

Paul Flatley, DO, FACEP is the Founder and CEO of Direct2MD. In addition to his responsibilities at Direct2MD, Dr. Flatley works in the Emergency Department for HonorHealth in Scottsdale where he served as Medical Director where he served as Chair from 2010 to 2016. Dr. Flatley attended medical school at Midwestern University in Chicago prior to completing his residency in Emergency Medicine at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. Dr. Flatley was chief resident of his graduating class and also received recognition for Most Outstanding Resident, having been nominated by both his colleagues and attending physicians. He currently serves as the emergency physician for the Arizona Coyotes.

• FAMILY PLAN – Subscribers pay $30 per month and $0 per visit
• MONTHLY SIGN-UP – Subscribers pay $20 per month and $0 per visit
• ONE-TIME ACCESS – Don’t want a subscription?
 See a doctor now for $49.99


602.601.7430 (Local)  |  888-595.D2MD (Toll-Free)