Dark Energy & Automation is one of the best!

Dark Energy & Automation

We integrate modern technologies to create custom and convenient solutions for our clients. We are dedicated to providing the very best products while focusing on dependability and customer service.

• Erik Goulish, President
• Brittni Goulish, Vice President

Dark Energy & Automations was founded in 2019 by Erik Goulish. After graduating from Michigan State University in 2006, Erik moved across country to Arizona where he began his career as an electrician and entrepreneur. With 14 years of experience, Erik and Brittni are excited to have Dark Energy & Automations become a permanent name here in the Valley.



Dark Energy & Automation is unique because we provide quality work while giving you a small business feel. With an emphasis on relationships and customer service, we strive to ensure all customers are satisfied with our work. From new construction to electrical maintenance, Dark Energy & Automation manages projects thoroughly from start to finish. We are licensed to preform electrical work for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Commercial & Residential Lighting Control
Quality Lighting is an Important aspect of our daily life and is often taken for granted. Light control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. Controlling light properly not only enhances the experience, it helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

Commercial & Residential Automation
Home automation technology allows us to control many different systems and integrate them into one seamless user interface. From HVAC, Security, Lighting, Shades, Audio, and Video, smart home systems works to enhance your property and life.

Security System Installation & Monitoring
Dark Energy & Automation will provide worry free protection for your family or business. We can create customizable security packages starting at $40 / month. Including

• 27/7 Monitoring
• Digital Keypads
• Door / Window Sensors
• Motion Sensors
• Cellular Communication (No Land Lind Needed)
• Most importantly NO CONTRACTS

4928 W Misty Willow Ln
Glendale, AZ 85310
M-F: 7:30a - 5:00p
Sat: 7:30a - 1:00p