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Bravon Beauty

Bravon is about going forth boldly—advancing your “you” with professional makeup products and artistry techniques. Pull off that big presentation in a bright shade of red lipstick. Blow away the competition in a pie-making contest with a killer smoky eye. Drop a tear over a cheesy rom-com knowing your mascara won’t give you away.

We believe that makeup makes the everyday colorful—but it’s you that makes it beautiful. Don’t just apply it, activate it. Don’t just wear it, live it.

Bravon’s cosmetics are produced within rigid, cruelty-free standards, are paraben-free and have been composed using high performance, professional grade formulations. Bravon closely collaborated with industry-leading research and development professionals who have adjusted formulas and pigment percentages based upon application tests, clinical studies, product focus groups and consumer preferences. Produced in the United States and in Germany, Bravon’s cosmetics has been created for women of all skin tones / types and offer color cosmetic options that work for all complexions – all with long wear product payoff and luxurious blendable formulas.

Progressive…Fashionable…Vibrant…Bright…Modern…Sophisticated – the spirit and essence of Bravon’s cosmetics easily allow you to activate your inner artist.

Bravon Pascua’s stellar reputation as an international make-up artist with over 25 years of experience has been validated by his personal dedication to artistry and product education. Throughout his career as an international makeup artist / international TV spokesperson, Bravon heard his clients’ requests for high performance, artistry-grade cosmetics combined with trustworthy application techniques that are easy enough for anyone to follow and wear confidently. His collection was inspired by the women he has grown to know, love and respect across the globe.

Bravon, who’s name means “to advance or to progress”, created his eponymous cosmetics line to do exactly that, enabling amateurs and artisans alike to elevate their beauty profiles. Focused on staying connected to the needs and aspirations of the everyday woman, Bravon believes that artistry has no race, color or expiration date. He is not about dictating his own style or making rules, he is about using education to activate the artist in everyone.

Born in Hawaii, Bravon moved to Japan at the age of 18 to begin an international fashion modeling career. He spent 12 years modeling for print, television, and runway with well-known brands like Shimano, Coca-Cola, and Panasonic and established strong relationships with leading fashion designers and makeup artists.

During his modeling career, Bravon learned application techniques from the most respected artists in the business—and his passion for makeup artistry quickly grew. Bravon began working as a freelance makeup artist for celebrities, diplomats, models, photographers, and recording artists throughout Asia. He then worked in both Asia and Hawaii to launch his own successful makeup artistry and fashion styling company that catered to a loyal clientele of international fashion photographers, models, and well-known Hollywood celebrities.

When Sephora tapped Bravon to become its Lead Cosmetics Specialist in 1999, Bravon moved to California and headed the fast-growing luxury retailer’s makeup artistry division, working directly with brands and developing cutting-edge application techniques.

In 2001, Bravon took on a fresh challenge—Resident Artist/Trainer with Bare Escentuals. As the popularity of Bare Escentuals quickly grew, Bravon became the brand’s International Makeup Artist and Trainer, promoting Bare Escentuals in the US, Asia, Canada, and Europe. He was a regular on-air guest at QVC Japan, QVC Germany, The Shopping Channel in Canada, GS Home Shopping in Korea and made guest appearances on QVC US and QVC UK. During his 13 years at Bare Escentuals, Bravon was also actively engaged in product development, global education and training, and national artistry events.

Bravon launched his own brand of cosmetics in order to bring his product expertise and makeup artistry to each and every one of you. He loves nothing more than formulating and sharing his incredible products—and creating BRAVON has been a true joy.

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