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Azadi Rugs

Serving the world for over 230 years, we are experts in handwashing, repairing, and restoration of handwoven area rugs. This includes: handwoven area rugs, handwoven Persian rugs, handwoven Oriental rugs, Antique rugs, Navajo rugs, and handmade contemporary rugs.

The AZADI Story
Established in 1790, AZADI Fine Rugs is owned by one of the oldest rug weaving families in the world. For over two centuries, AZADI Fine Rugs has been honored to share history, art, and culture through the magic of handwoven rugs.
With an inventory of over 40,000 in-stock fine rugs and galleries in Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ, Telluride, CO, and Jackson Hole, WY, AZADI has given the most refined clients and Interior Designers in the world an unforgettable experience by providing an unparalleled selection of fine quality rugs, with an unforgettable experience.

With a focus on the beauty and the artistry of handwoven rugs, AZADI Fine Rugs provides a unique selection of fine, handwoven rugs, including; contemporary rugs woven in Nepal – in 100% silk and handspun New Zealand wool, with the ability to customize size, color, and design. AZADI also carries fine new classical designs such as Ooshak designs – woven in Turkey in handspun angora wool – and a large variety of Bohemian inspired designs, such as Moroccan and South African flatweaves, handwoven with the highest quality wool, silk, and vegetable dyes. In addition, in collaboration with world renowned designers, such as Amy Lau, AZADI is now producing lush and dense, 100% cashmere rugs.

AZADI boasts an extensive collection of rare and important antique rugs: Early 20th century Persian Serapi’s and Malayers, antique Turkish Ooshaks, and a distinctive selection of Navajo weavings, including Germantown, Ganado, Two Grey Hills, Eye Dazzler, and Storm Pattern designs.

An unrivaled commitment to quality and beauty makes AZADI Fine Rugs your most trusted resource for fine contemporary, antique, and custom rug designs from around the globe.

AZADI Philanthropy
AZADI owner, David Neishabori, lives his life with the philosophy of “Living is Giving”. His mission is weaving a better future for humanity, and creating worldwide beauty. AZADI, with David’s commitment, is involved in many local, national, and global charities.

AZADI Fine Rugs makes it a priority to give back to the community, both locally and globally, through contributions to multiple charities. Recently AZADI donated $100,000 to the Telluride Science Research Center for the global effort in finding a vaccine for COVID-19.

AZADI Fine Rugs is certified and recognized as a “child labor free” rug company. As a result of AZADI’s mission of creating worldwide beauty, a portion of all purchases goes directly to “Weaving a Brighter Future for Women” and eradicating child labor in the rug weaving industry.

• Special Hand Washing using all Organic Method
• Stain Removal (including pet stain/pet odor removal)
• Color Restoration
• Moth Damage Repair
• Stain Prevention Treatment
• Appraisals
• Complete Rug Restoration
• Alterations

7001 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253